Our cosmetic products are made customized by order of the client. We provide you with a high-end product that conforms to the admission requirements of the German market. Also, it will be thought out deliberately from formulation to packaging so that it covers your exact requirements.

In our remarkably big portfolio of handbags you will find high-quality classics as well as trendy fashion bags. We are able to produce our collections out of real leather or synthetic material. The production sites for our bags are in Italy, India and China.

The pieces of jewelry in our assortment include necklaces and bracelets made of gems, a large variety of pearl and glass bead necklaces and a wide range of latest fashion jewelry. A large portion of our jewelry is designed in our studio in Germany. That way we are able to offer our collections to our clients exclusively. The production of our jewelry takes place in Asia.

Our assortment of scarves and stoles provides a large variety of products made of different fabrics like natural and synthetic fibers as well as blended fabrics. We choose our suppliers with care and place great value on reliable data regarding materials. The choice of patterns and colors is basically indefinitely.

Our company’s line of goods is completed with Ayurvedic food supplements. We source these herbal only products from well-chosen suppliers in Europe and India. With the help of renowned experts we also offer you our consultation on how to accommodate legal regulations.


Yadiva Ltd. is an owner-operated company. Since 2005 the founders Elisabeth Naeem, Sumaira Naeem and Volker Brueggen have been engaged in international trade with fashion and accessories. Today more than ten employees in Germany and China work for Yadiva Ltd.

Elisabeth Naeem...

... is the heart of the company‘s design department. Her talent to locate the latest trends ensures a cutting-edge product range. Since 2010 she has been presenting parts of our products under the label “Elisabeth Naeem” exclusively on 1-2-3.tv.

Sumaira Naeem...

... is the eye of sourcing. She keeps track of the numbers and ensures that our prices make our competition sweat. However, we do not accept compromises when it comes to quality claims so that you and your clients are content with our products.

Volker Brüggen...

... is head of sales and communication. His experience as a consultant in large and mid-size businesses as well as his creativity will be your gain when it comes to creating products or brands that are most suitable for you.

Together we will attend to your needs and look forward to your inquiry:


How we work


We source and deliver our products only MTO (Make-to-order). This implies that we do not maintain a warehouse from which we serve our customers. Only this way we can provide our attractive prices and grant delivery of cutting-edge products.

Our designers and product managers conceive each of our products according to your wishes in every detail. Concerning procurement and production, quality control and cost are the key aspects to the decision about what components will be procured and what manufacturing resources we trust.

It is with pleasure that we prepare a proposal for your customized collection. We are able to expand your jewelry or accessory portfolio by a customized collection compatible with your brand.

What we offer


Everything concerning our products and services revolves around fashion and beauty. Our focus lies on a very differentiated and sophisticated product portfolio of jewelry and accessories. Additionally, our portfolio is completed with food supplements and high-end cosmetics.

Test us! We gladly consult with you about what articles suit your portfolio, always bearing your customer in mind. Maybe a classic handbag made of real leather or a necklace made of zoisite rubies would complete your portfolio? Or could it be that a trendy handbag made of imitation leather or a bracelet made of sparking rhinestones would perfect your range?